10 Beauty and Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water + DIY Lemon Infused Water! │

10 Beauty and Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water + DIY Lemon Infused Water! │
I have been drinking water with Lemons EVERY single day for a while now, and I LOVE it. I have seen so many changes in myself, from my energy level, to the smoothness of my skin. I also noticed that I am less lethargic, more alert and in a better mood.

In this video, I share with you all 10 different ways that Lemon and Water is good for your skin, hair, body, health and diet:

1. Helps with Digestion
2. Cleanses the mouth of all bacteria and helps with bad breath
3. Fights hunger cravings which is great for weight loss
4. Purges toxins from your body which promotes clear and younger
looking skin
5. Helps you to stay in a better mood – Lemons are known to cheer
you up with the aroma
6. Because of the high Vitamin C, it protects the body against
immune system deficiencies
7. Great for pain relief
8. Contains potassium which is a natural brain booster and helps
you be more energetic and alert
9. Provides the body the hydration that it needs
10. Because it gets rid of toxins, its a great way to detox

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