Fruit Infused Water Bottles by Infusion H2O!

Fruit Infused Water Bottles by Infusion H2O!
Fruit Infused Water Bottles by Infusion H2O!

Here at InfusionH2O® we offer high quality, durable, BPA Free 32oz Fruit Infuser Water Bottles! Replace flat water with healthy-rich antioxidants. As you may already know, there are so many health properties and benefits offered by fruits, veggies and herbs that are popular with users of our InfusionH2O® water bottles.

While we all should be interested in learning how to incorporate healthy habits into our lives, we’re often overwhelmed by the changes we need to make.

The good news is that there are easy and appealing habits that can help promote good health.

Adding lemon to your water should be one of those habits, bringing you lots of health benefits without much effort on your part.

Start with this simple daily ritual and you’ll soon be making healthier choices over the unhealthy without a second thought.
The Extraordinary Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water is a simple way to alkalize your body, add much needed vitamins to your diet, improve digestion, and promote cleansing. Adding lemon to your water is a refreshing and low-cost alternative to store bought fruit flavored waters that are usually full of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Sometimes nature’s very best medicine comes in the simplest packages!

Lemons Are One of Nature’s Gentle Detoxifiers!
No matter how healthy you are, you can never fully control your environment. We all encounter toxic substances in the air, water, food and even in some of the materials we surround ourselves with daily. Our bodies are amazing at purging these unwanted chemicals, but it doesn’t hurt to give our detoxifying systems a boost.

Lemon stimulates the liver, one of the major cleansing organs of the body. It supports enzyme function. It detoxifies the blood, flushing away unwanted impurities.

Naturally occurring citric acid in lemons even acts to clean out calcium stones and to flush calcium deposits, which can build up in our arteries.

Lemon water promotes cleansing in the body much more gently than most detoxifying herbs or drugs, so that you can use it every day. Adding lemon to your water is a wonderful way to begin your day.

Lemons Are a Vitamin Powerhouse!
You may already associate lemons with vitamin C and they are very high in this essential vitamin. Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin for strong immune function and repairing cells and tissues everywhere in the body, and because Vitamin C is depleted when we experience stress, it is a vitamin we should consume regularly. Drinking lemon water is a surefire way to reach your daily dose of this much needed Vitamin.

Lemons are also extremely high in potassium, even higher than apples or grapes. Potassium is essential to heart health and it stimulates brain and nerve function. Lemons are also high in antioxidants, which help our bodies fight off free radicals which have been associated with everything from cancer to arthritis to skin wrinkles.

They Have an Alkalizing Effect
Benefits of Lemon Water
Benefits of lemon water & balanced pH

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately of the benefits of alkalizing diets. We are learning that our bodies are sensitive to pH levels, and many of the less healthy foods in our diets have an acidifying effect in the body.

Acidic states have been associated with more disease and sickness, but the good news is that this information allows us to use healthy foods to create a more balanced internal environment.

Lemons, though acidic, have an alkalizing effect when we ingest them. In fact, they are one of the most alkalizing foods available! Simply adding lemon to our water can help create a more balanced pH in the body, thereby decreasing our susceptibility to many diseases.

Lemon Water Is a Weight Loss Elixir!
Many of the drinks we consider healthy, like juices, are packed with calories. Lemon water has no calories, and even contains pectin fibers, which help the body to feel full and satisfied. Plus, studies show that people with more alkaline systems lose weight faster and keep it off.

Adding lemon to your water daily helps you feel great and look great, too! To make it super easy, try using a fruit infuser water bottle from InfusionH2O.

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