What I Learned From the Detox Diet & Oxalates in Food | VitaLivesFree

What I Learned From the Detox Diet & Oxalates in Food | VitaLivesFree
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Oxalates in Our Food 101 → http://youtu.be/b9RoVDvAKdk
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Why OCM Doesn’t Always Work and Detox for Women → http://youtu.be/PYGZKP6gWfQ
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Time to sum up everything I’ve learned from the Detox Diet! I can’t say it was a success but I think I know why. It also made me realize something very very important about oxalates, so I’m really glad I tried it. I did have a lot of weird things going on while on the detox diet, but don’t worry, at the moment of writing this, I’m feeling better than ever. My skin is doing awesome!

As I said in the video, I’m convinced, now even more than when I filmed the video, that oxalates have a been a major reason for a lot of my struggles. It might be the same for you! So if you want me to tell you more about oxalates in a separate video, please Like this video or just comment letting me know you’d be interested in watching it.

Lots of love,
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